iDinkum Its New Its Australian Its Coming To You  

iDinkum its here we are not sure what its going to be but its believed to have something to do with;
iPods iMusic Anything to do with i-Stuff
Its iTechnology defined by Professor eDinkum as Internet Technology.
Lets wait and see what the Professor has for Mankind.

Having Trouble with Telemarketers
Register here today and stop the beasts
eDinkum Free Phones VOIP Messengers Prepaid Accounts Recharge Mobile Phones
There are lots of free services on the internet to communicate with family and friends.
Anyone of these Messenger services are avaliable free from Yahoo7 MSN Paltalk Google ICQ
All you have to do is download install the messenger service and register from the installed messenger
Type *# 06 # into your mobile to display your IMEI serial number.
All mobile phones have a unique IMEI number.
In an Emergency if you can not get 000 Emergency Number in Australia on your mobile
use the International Mobile Emergency telephone number for mobile phones which is 112.
Do not tolerate telecommunication companies ripping you off, if you have been charged for
a premium sms text messages or they have tricked you into a deal, get straight onto your
carrier and ask them to block all premium services and any other services you do not use.
If you believe your Telecommunication carrier has tricked you discuss it with them.
If there is not a happy resolution get straight onto the Ombudsman for telecommunication.
If This Fails Talk To Professor eDinkum
iDinkum its here. Wait and see dum de deeeeeeeee
Professor eDinkum Has Done It Again

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