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Acca Dacca: - The Australian hard rock band AC/DC 
Aggro: - Aggressive 
Akubra: - Brand of Aussie Hat
All The Go: - New fashion 
Alco/Alkie: - An Alcoholic 
Amber Fluid: - Beer, VB (An Australian Beer) 
Ambo: - Ambulance Officer or Ambulance vehicle 
Ankle Biter: - Small Child/Kid
Anzac: -
Australia & New Zealand Army Corps
Arse over tit: - Fall over, Trip over, He fell arse over tit!
Arvo: - Afternoon Evening Arvy Noon 
Aussie: - An Australian Person Place or Thing
Aussie Kiss: - Similar to the French Kiss but given Down under 
Av-a-go: - usually yelled out at sporting events etc Av-a-go Mate! Avago you   Mug!

B&S: - Bachelors and Spinsters Ball usually held in the bush or out back
Back Door Bandit: - a male homosexual 
Back of Bourke: - A long way away, such as: - She lives out the back of Bourke!
Bag: - Talk Bad about someone, to bag them out 
Bail Out: - To leave or not participate. "I'll bail out of this one" 
Banana Bender: - A person from Queensland 
Bang: - To have sex 
Banger: - An attractive woman etc Sheila "She's a real banger" or a sausage. 
- A barbecue 
Barkers Eggs: - Dog **** 
Barrack: - to cheer on (sporting events) 
Barney: - Argument or fight 
Barra: - A Fish Barramundi 
Bash: - A Party 
Bathers: - Swimming Costume 
Battler: - somebody struggling to get by etc "The Aussie Battler" 
Beanie: - a woolen hat 
Beaut: - great, fantastic etc "you beaut mate" 
Beauty: - great, fantastic etc "you little beauty" 
Beer Coat: - the invisible but warm coat worn when walking home after a big night at 3am 
Bender: - heavy drinking session 
Berko: - To go mad or crazy etc "he's gone berko" 
Betcha: - I'll bet you 
Bevan: - a Westie, a Yobbo, somebody from out west. 
Bible Basher: - A Christian who preaches constantly 
Bikkie: - Biscuit or "It cost big bikkies" -it was expensive 
Billabong: - A Watering Hole 
Billy: - Tin used to boil water over a campfire 
Bird: - Woman 
Birthday suit: - Naked
Bitzer: - A mixed breed of dog 
Bloke: - A male etc "Don't know the bloke from a bar of soap" 
Bloody: - A great Aussie adjective used to emphasize a point etc "Bloody "Wanker" or "You Bloody Beauty" 
Bloody Oath: - meaning true, that's right 
Blotto: - Drunk 
Blowie: - Blow Fly 
Blow In: - Somebody who is uninvited, a newcomer or quick visit
Blow Off: - to fart 
Bludger: - A very lazy person
Blue: - A fight 
Blue Heeler: - Another name for an Australian Cattle Dog 
Bluey: - An Australian Blue Cattle Dog
Boardies: - Shorts worn by men for surfing/swimming 
Bob's your uncle: - A-Ok All done. 
Bodgy: - Lower quality 
Bog: - **** 
Bog In: - lets eat 
Bonnet: - The hood of a car 
Bonzo: - A Navy Boy 
Bonza: - great, fantastic, excellent etc "Bonza Mate" 
Boofhead: - an idiot 
Boogie Board: - a small foam surfboard used for body surfing 
Boomer: - a large male Kangaroo 
Boomerang: - It comes back to the person that owns what ever was given or a curved root of a tree carved to return to an indigenous Australian
Boot: - The trunk of a car 
Booze Bus: - a police van used for taking away drunk drivers 
Boozer: - a pub 
Bottle O: - a Bottle Shop to buy liquor 
Brass Razoo: - Means Nothing,  such as; "He hasn't got a brass razoo to his name" 
Brekkie: - Breakfast 
Brick **** House: - A strong masculine body etc "He's built like a brick hit house" 
Brickie: - Bricklayer 
Brissie: - Brisbane, QLD or somebody from Brisbane 
Brothel: - Used when something is a mess etc "Your house looks like a brothel" 
Brown Eyed Mullet: - a piece of **** in the ocean 
Brown Noser: - a person who sucks up another persons arse to get anywhere 
Brumby: - a wild horse 
Bubbler: - a drinking fountain 
Buck's Night: - a blokes bachelor (stag) party before his wedding 
Buckley's: - no chance etc "You've got Buckley's of doing that mate" 
Buggered: - to feel tired or worn out etc "I feel buggered" 
Buggery: - an insult, go to hell, get lost etc "you can go to buggery!" 
Bull Bar: - sits at the front of your vehicle to protect it against hitting Kangaroos 
Bum Fluff: - a youth trying to grow a beard 
Bump Ugly: - sexual intercourse 
Bundy: - a dark rum drink from Bundaberg, QLD 
Bunyip: - an outback creature 
Burl: - to attempt or try etc "Give it a burl" 
Bush: - the outback, or anywhere not in the city 
Bush pig: - an unattractive female 
Bush telegraph: - the grapevine 
Bush tucker: - food eaten in the outback or by the campfire etc damper 
Bushranger: - outlaw etc Ned Kelly 
Bush walking: - hiking in the bush or outback 
Bustin his Gut: - working hard etc "He is really bustin his gut today" 
Buzz: - a telephone call etc "Give us a buzz" 
BYO: - Bring your own grog 

Cake Hole: - your mouth etc "Shut your cake hole" 
Can: - the toilet or a beer can 
Cancer Stick: - a cigarette 
Cark it: - to die, cease functioning 
Cheerio: - goodbye 
Chewy: - Chewing gum 
Chick: - a woman; chick or chicky babe 
Chips: - either French fries or crisps 
Chip in: - To give a bloke a hand/help
Choke a Darkie: - to defecate 
Chokkie: - a chocolate 
Chook: - a chicken 
Chuck: - to vomit 
Chuck a sicky: - take the day off sick from work when your not (very Australian) 
Chuck a spaz: - have a tantrum 
Chunder: - to vomit 
Choof Off: - get lost, go away 
Click: - kilometer etc "we are only 5 clicks away" 
Clucky: - feeling maternal 
Coach: - a bus etc greyhound 
Cobber: - a friend 
Cockie: - farmer or a Cockatoo 
Cockroach: - an insect also a person from NSW 
Coldy: - a cold beer 
Compo: - workers compensation 
Convo: - Conversation 
Cooee: - an outback call - say it cccoooooooooooo-eeeeeeee 
Cool Bananas: - all is well
Coon: - does have 2 meanings, a brand of cheese (at one point banned from sale as being racist) 
Cop: - (coppers): - A police officer/s
Cop Out: - give up, make excuses 
Corroboree: - an Aboriginal Dance Festival 
Counter Lunch: - Lunch at the pub
Cozzie: - swimming costume 
Crack a Fat: - get an erection 
Crash Hot: - excellent, awesome 
Cream: - defeat/best etc "creamed in the footy/you always take the cream" 
Crikey: - expression of surprise, term used by the Crocodile Hunter. Crikies Mate 
Crim: - Criminal 
Croc: - Crocodile as in Crocodile Hunter 
Croc of ****: - bull**** etc "What a croc of ****" 
Crook: - feeling sick or ill 
Crook: - Thief, dishonest person
Crow Eater: - a person from South Australia 
Crust: - to earn a living, money etc "Someone has to earn the crust crust" 
Crusty: - a dirty, unclean yuk person etc "She is crusty" 
Cushie: - to have it easy etc "You have a cushie job" 

Dago: - A native of Europe
Dill: - A dumb person
Dinkum: - Truth/honest/trustworthy
Dip Stick: - A Penis or Stupid Person
Donger: -  A Penis
Dunno: - I dont Know

Ear bashing: - somebody nagging you about something 
Edinkum: - It means to be fair dinkum on the internet
Ekka: - the Brisbane annual show 
Elbow Grease: - hard work 
Esky: - a portable ice cooler taken on BBQs/picnics or fishing 
Every man & his dog: - meaning everybody 
Every Tom Dick & Harry: - everybody 

Fag: - A cigarette/smoko
Fair Dinkum: - true right factual truthful real authentic genuine honest
Fair go: - give a chance etc "Give a bloke a fair go" 
Fair suck of the sav: - is that for real? 
Fairy Floss: - cotton candy 
Fam: - family 
Fang it: - drive fast 
Fanny: - a vagina 
Fart-Arse: - to mess around not doing anything etc "I'm just fart-arising around" 
Fed up to the back teeth: - fed up or disgusted 
Feed: - food, to eat etc "Lets have a feed" 
Fella: - a man. a fellow 
Feral: - hippie/wild/low life/untamed 
Five Finger Discount: - shoplifting 
Flannel: - a facecloth 
Flannie: - flannelette shirt 
Fleabag: - the family dog 
Flick: - get rid off etc "Give him the flick he won't work" 
Footpath: - sidewalk 
Footy: - Australian Rules Football 
Fossicking: - searching for something 
Fossil: - a geriatric 
Franger: - a condom 
Freckle: - your anus 
Fruit Loop: - an idiot or fool 
Fuggly: - very f??king ugly 
Full: - drunk, Full as a goog

G'Day: - Hello 
Galah: - fool, named after the Australian bird that flies south for the winter! 
Garbo: - Garbage collector. Bin 
Gasbag: - a person who doesn't stop talking 
Geewhiz: - An exclaimation of surprize
Gerrie: - Geriatric, an elderly person 
Give him the bullet: - means to sack or get rid of someone.
Gladrags: - your best outfit 
Gobful: - to yell abuse at somebody etc "Give them a gobful" 
Going Off: - Having a great time or a fantastic venue etc "That place goes off" 
Good as Gold: - fantastic, great 
Good onya: - well done, good for you 
Goog: - somebody full of drink or food etc "full as a goog" 
Grog: - Alcohol 
Greenie: - environmentalist, hippie 
Grumblebum: - a complainer 
Grundies: - underpants 
Gum Boots: - Wellingtons Rubber Boots
Gurgler: - plughole, sink etc "Down the gurgler" also means its all gone wrong or bad. 

Hair of the dog: - drinking grog with a hangover 
Heggs: - They're eggs
Half Cast: - A child of an interracial couple 
Hanky: - Handkerchief 
Happy As Larry: - Larry was an extremely happy man
Hooley Dooley: - oh my god! 
Hoon: - a rebellious person, hooligan 
Hooroo: - goodbye 
Hotel: - a pub with accommodation, sometimes just a pub 

Icy Pole: - Popsicle or Lolly 
Idiot Box: - Television 
In a tic: - shortly 
In the year dot: - a long time ago 
In two secs: - two seconds, shortly 

Jackaroo: - a male station hand, station being cattle or sheep generally 
Jaffa: - a red chocolate candy or what Australians are referred to as "Just another F???ing Aussie" 
Jarmies: - pajamas 
Jiff: - Back in a jiff
Jillaroo: - a female station hand 
Jippie: - Back in a jippie
Jocks: - men's underpants 
Joe Blow: - an average person 
Joey: - a baby Kangaroo 
Jumbuck: - sheep 
Jumper: - sweater or cardigan 
Just Joshin: - just kidding 

K: - Kilometer 
Kanga: - Kangaroo 
Kangaroo: - a famous Australian outback animal 
Kelpie: - an Australian Sheepdog 
Kero: - Kerosene 
Kindy: - Kindergarten (pre-school, before 1st Grade) 
Kiwi: - A New Zealander 
Knackered: - Tired 
Knock: - to criticize somebody to "knock them" 
Knock Off: - to steal something to "knock it off" 
Knee High to a Grasshopper: Somebody or a thing short or small. Pip Squeak

Lair: - flashy dresser generally in bad taste, lairy 
Lamington: - a delicious chocolate sponge dessert 
Larrikin: - somebody who is center of attention
Lingo: - Short for Language
Lippy: - lipstick 
Liquid Laugh vomit 
Lizard drinking flat out etc "flat out like a lizard drinking" 
Lob: - to Lob in, drop in on somebody 
Lollies: - sweets or candy 
Longneck: - a tall bottle of beer normally 750ml 
Loo: - toilet 
Looker: - good looking woman usually

Map of Tassie: - a woman's pubic region 
Maccaas: - slang for "McDonalds" 
Maggies: - Magpies, an Australia bird 
Maggot: - drunk 
Mally: - The bush
Mate: - buddy, pal, friend 
Mate's Rate: - usually a discounted rate
Matilda: - swagman's bedding, and an Australian icon, Waltzing Matilda a poem by Banjo Patterson 
Melbournite: - a person from Melbourne, Victoria, AU
Mexican: - a person from south of the New South Wales border in Victoria
Middi: - 285ml beer glass in New South Wales 
Milk Bar: - Takeaway food shop 
Milko: - Milkman 
Missus: - The wife 
Mob: - Group of people or a family of Kangaroos 
Mongrel: - Normally used for somebody or an animal of mixed breeding 
Monkey Suit: - Tuxedo or dinner suit 
Mozzie: - a mosquito 
Muddy: - a Mud Crab 
Mug: - an idiot 
Mull: - marijuana 
Mullet: - a fish, also a haircut normally seen on Yobbos 
Mutton: - an older woman trying to look young "Mutton dressed up as lamb" 
Muff: - a vagina
Mushy: - Sentimental stuff 
Muster: - round up the herd 

Naughty: - to have sex "Lets have a Naughty" 
Never Never: - the outback 
Nick: - to steal something, or be naked etc in the nick 
Ning Nong: - an idiot 
Nipper: - a young surf lifesaver 
No Worries: - No problem, its cool 
No Wucking Furries: - No problem, its cool 
No-hoper: - loser 
Nosey Parker: - somebody who sticks their nose in somebody else's business 
Not the full quid: - not all there intellectually
NSW: - New South Wales
Nuddy: - Naked 
Nuts: - A mans testicles 

Ocker: - an unsophisticated person 
Oldies: - the folks, your parents 
Outback: - The center region of Australia 
OZ: - Australia 
Ozzie: - Same as Aussie 
Oi Oi Oi:

Paralytic: - very drunk 
Pash: - sloppy kiss 
Pav: - Pavlova - a meringue dessert 
Perve: - to look at somebody, check them out "to have a perve: 
Piece of Piss: - when something is easy its a "piece of piss" 
Pigs Arse: - to disagree with something 
Piker: - to back out of something etc "Pike Out" to leave the party early etc "You Piker" 
Piss: - Alcohol or "to take the piss" make fun of somebody 
Pisshead: - an Alcoholic 
Plate: - "to bring a plate" to take food to a party or BBQ 
Plonk: - Alcohol 
Poofter: - a male homosexual 
Pokies: - poker machines, slot machines 
Pommie: - An Englishman 
Pong: - stink 
Port: - A Suitcase 
Posty: - Postman 
Pot: - 285ml beer glass in Queensland 
Posy: - a good position 
Prang: - car accident 
Pressie: - a present or gift 
Push-Bike: - a bicycle 

Queer: - Strange, Weird, Not Normal
Quid: - make a quid, earn a living 

Rack Off: - go away, get lost 
Randy: - sexually aroused 
Rage: - to party! etc raging 
Rapt: - to be very taken with something or somebody etc "to be rapt in them" 
Raw: - "in the raw", to be in the nude 
Ratbag: - an idiot, goofball, joker 
Rattler: - a train 
Raw Prawn: - bull**** someone etc "Don't come the raw prawn with me!" 
Reckon: - I think so, defiantly etc "I Reckon that's true!" 
Rego: - Vehicle registration 
Rello: - a family relative 
Ridgy-Didge: - similar to "Fair Dinkum", genuine 
Right: - Okay etc "She'll be right mate" 
Ring: - telephone etc "I'll give you a ring" 
Ring-In: - A substitute. This term is used in Horse Racing etc "The Fine Cotton Ring-In" 
Rip Snorter: - excellent, fantastic etc "What a bloody rip snorter!" 
Ripper: - excellent, fantastic etc "What a ripper of a party!" 
Ripper Rita: - excellent, fantastic 
Rock-Up: - to arrive at a venue etc "We rocked-up at the party and it was raging!" 
Rollie: - a cigarette tailored made that you roll yourself 
Ron: - later etc "See you Ron" see you later 
Roo: - a Kangaroo 
Root: - to have sexual intercourse 
Rooted: - when something is broken etc "This fridge is rooted!" or to feel tired or buggered "I feel totally rooted" 
Rootable: - somebody who is attractive and you want to "Root" 
Rooter: - the person who has sexual intercourse 
Ropeable: - angry 
Rort: - to cheat, deceive, fraud etc "Let's rort the system" 
Rotten: - drunk 
Rough as Guts: - Someone who does not do a good job at what there doing. 
Rubber: - a condom 
Rubberneck: - a tourist 
Rubbish: - bull**** etc "That's total rubbish" or to rubbish somebody to Criticize. 
Rugged Up: - to get warm, put on extra clothing  

Sandshoes: - sneakers, joggers 
Saltie: - Salt water Crocodile 
Salvos: - the Salvation Army 
Sam Ting: - same thing 
Sandgroper: - somebody from Western Australia 
Sanger: - a sandwich 
Sav: - saveloy, sausage used in Hot Dogs and Battered Savs 
Schnozzle: - nose 
Schooner: - Large Beer, what most men would order at the pub (not a middy) 
Scorcher: - hot day 
Score: - One night stand 
Scrag: - a promiscuous female 
Scratchy: - a lottery ticket that you scratch to win 
Screamer: - somebody who can't handle much liquor etc "She's a two pot screamer" 
Screw: - sexual intercourse 
Scrub: - thick bush land 
Scrungies: - Underpants 
Semi: - Semi-Trailer, Truck 
Seppo: - An American 
Septic: - An American (Don't ask me to explain this one) 
Servo: - Gas Station 
Shack Up With: - Live together with a sheila or bloke. 
Shag: - Sexual intercourse 
Shagin Wagin: - a panel van, fully enclosed van 
Shandy: - Beer mixed with Lemonade (7-up) 
Sheila: - what you call a female 
sh?t bull etc "What a load of sh?t 
Up sh?t creek without a paddle 
sh?t House: - the toilet 
Shonky: - if something is dubious etc "Shonky Business" 
Shoot through: - to quickly depart or leave 
Shout: - your turn to buy a round of drinks at the pub etc "Your shout mate!" 
Shrapnel: - any spare change, coins 
Sillybuggers: - to play silly etc "You Sillybuggers" 
Singlet: - Tank Top 
Skiddy: - Skidmark either left in your underpants or the toilet bowl 
Skite: - to boast or brag about yourself 
Slab: - a carton of 24 cans or bottle of beer 
Slash: - to urinate 
Slashing Sort: - attractive woman 
Sleaze Bag: - a male who comes on too strong with women 
Sloppy Joe: - sweater 
Sluggos: - men's swimming costume, Speedos 
Smoko: - a coffee break at work 
Snag: - a sausage etc "Throw another snag on the barbie" 
Snot Rag: - Handkerchief 
Soft Drink: - Soda, Pop 
Sook: - a cry baby 
Spag Bol: - Spaghetti Bolognese 
Spewin: - pissed off, upset, angry etc "Man I was spewin when they caught me" 
Sprung: - to get caught or caught in the act! 
Spud: - a potato 
Spunk: - a sexy person etc "What a spunk!" 
Squizz: - to check something out, look at something etc "Have a squizz at this" 
Starkers: - Naked 
Station: - a farm or cattle/produce property 
Sticky beak: - a nosey person etc Nosey Parker 
Stiffy: - an erection 
Stirrer: - troublemaker 
Stoked: - happy, pleased etc "I was stoked with my new car" 
Strewth: - to emphasis a point etc "Strewth Sheila you look bloody Rootable!" 
Strides: - trousers 
Strife: - to be in trouble, in strife 
Stingie: - a person not willing to share, "he is to stingie to share with me"
Stubbies: - a brand of shorts, like the Crocodile Hunter wears! 
Stubby: - a 375ml bottle of beer 
Stubby Holder: - a foam device you put around your beer can or beer bottle for insulation 
Stuffed: - full of food etc :I'm so stuffed, can't eat another bite" 
Stunned Mullet: - Surprised etc "You looked like a stunned mullet" 
Sunbake: - Sunbathe 
Sunnies: - Sunglasses 
Surfboard: - A Sanitary Pad 
Surfies: - Surfers, people who surf 
Swag: - rolled up bedding used to sleep in when outback 
Swaggie: - Swagman 
Swagman: - Australian Folk Hero, a tramp who travels the road 


Ta: - Thank-you 
TAB: - Totalisator Agency Board, betting shop 
Talent: - attractive people etc "Lets go to the pub and check out the talent" 
Tall Poppies: - successful people 
Tall Poppie Syndrome: - critizing successful people 
Tanked: - drunk 
Tart: - Immoral female 
Taswegian: - Somebody from Tasmania 
Tea: - the evening meal, dinner 
Technicolor Yawn: - vomit 
Tee-up: - to set up an appointment or date 
Thick: - dumb, stupid 
Thick Head: - Brainless 
Thingybob: - word used for a person place or thing 
or used when you don't know the name of such. 
Thingamajig: - word used for a person place or thing 
or used when you don't know the name of such. 
Thongs: - Flip Flops
Throne: - The Toilet 
Thunder box: - the toilet or the loo 
Tickets: - to have on oneself, to be in love with yourself etc "He has tickets on himself: 
Tiff: - an argument or fight 
Tingle: - Telephone call etc "Give me a tingle" 
Tinny: - Can of Beer 
Tinny: - Small aluminium/tin boat 
Tinny: - lucky 
Tight: - to be cheap with money etc "a tight-arse" 
Toey: - horney 
Togs: - swimming costume 
Tomato Sauce: - Ketchup 
Too Right: - that's true, yes 
Toot: -  Toilet 
Top Ender: - Somebody from the Northern Territory 
Town Bike: -  Promiscuous female 
Tracks: - "Lets make tracks and head home" Depart Leave
Trackies: - Tracksuit Pants
Trolley: - Shopping cart 
Troppo: - gone crazy, Koo Koo "He's gone troppo" 
Trots: - horse and cart race and also a used for diarrhea 
Trough Lolly: - the disinfectant in the men's urinal 
Truckie: - Truck Driver 
Tub: - Bath tub 
True Blue: - patriotic 
Tuck Shop: - school canteen 
Tucker: - food 
Tucker Bag: - food bag 
Tucker Box: - Located in Gundagai, NSW. The dog on the Tucker Box 
Turd: - poo 
Turps: - alcohol 
Twinkle: - urinate 
Two-Up: - an Australian gambling tradition, only played on ANZAC day 

UgBoots/Uggies: - Sheepskin winter boots or slippers 
Ugly as a hat full of bums: - very ugly 
Underdaks: - Underpants 
Unit: - an apartment or flat, or referred to a person, "look at this unit jumping around."
Unreal: - excellent 
Up Oneself: - be in love with oneself etc "He is really up himself" 
Up Somebody: - to get angry with somebody etc "I got up the boss today, told him to get lost" 
Useless as tits on a bull: - useless 
Ute: - utility vehicle, pickup truck 

Veg: - Relax, chill etc "to veg out" 
Vegemite: - The all Australian breakfast spread 
Veg: - Vegetarian 
Verbal Diarrhea: - Someone who talks is Verbal Waste/Sh_t
Vinnies: - St Vincent De Paul 2nd Hand Thrift Shop 

XXXX: - Queensland's Beer called Four X 

Wacker: - An idiot, a fool 
Wacko: - A crazy person, a lunatic 
Waffle: - Person who talks about nothing etc "They waffle on" 
Wagging: - Skipping school "Wagging School" 
Walkabout: - Aborigines walk off into the bush and back sometimes years later. 
Walkabout: - When something has gone missing: its "Gone Walkabout: 
Wallop: - Hit Someone very hard, bash someone, I'll Wallop you.
Wally: - Wanker or idiot a fool
Wallaby: - Small Kangaroo
Wank: - For a male to masturbate 
Wanker: - Idiot, goof, stupid person 
War paint: - Women's make-up 
Westie: - A person who lives out west of Sydney 
Wharfie: - dockside worker 
Whinge: - to complain 
White Pointers: - Topless Female Sun bakers or sharks

Willy Willy: - Very Small Whirlwind tornado
Wino: - Cheap alcoholic 
Who flung dung: - who farted! 
Whole Kit & Caboodle: - Everything 
Wobbly: - To have a tantrum,"To chuck a wobbly" 
Wog: - Flu virus or illness, also a term for immigrants 
Wombat: - Eats, roots and leaves 
Woop Woop: - Some where a long way from where you are at present.
Wuss or Wussy: - Weak or Sooky person. You wussy 

Yabba Yabba Yabba: - Your just raving on. 
Yabby: - Freshwater crayfish 
Yahoo: - Loud and obnoxious person
Yap: - To Talk
Yakka: - Labour/work, Hard Yakka 
Yarn: - Tell a Story - To tell a Yarn
Yobbo: - sloppy person, a lousy person 
Youse: - plural: - word for you's 

Zack: - sixpence (5 cents) Not worth a zack
Zebra Crossing: - pedestrian crossing 
Zits: - Acne on face
Zonked: - Very tired. Zonked out: - Fallen asleep.


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