Lewy Rides Again!
In Our Hawkesbury Valley AU NSW
South Windsor Bush/The Common
On His Honda Bikes 1970/80's
Stay Tuned for New Photos
And Adventures of Lewy


Lewy Lewis Arrives on The Moon in 1982 on His New Electro AutoMagic Honda XL 250R With Pro-Link
This was a Real Moon Landing By Lewy Lewis On His Moon Bike. 1982

“That’s one small Jump for a Man & One Giant Leap For Mankind.”
The First Motor Bike On The Moon Being Launched From The
Home Made Back Yard Jump at Lot 2 George Street
South Windsor New South Wales Australia 2756

Lewy Lewis Arrives Back on Earth Where It Is Much More Fun
In The South Windsor Bush NSW Australia 2756 Downunder
GPS: Lat/Long: -33.6362830044966,150.78783786806332

South Windsor Bush 1983 Near The Dust - Bowl.  Bligh Park Shops Are Now In The Back Ground Here

No Hands Kneeling on Seat  Going about 20 km/h Old Blacktown Road heading toward Rickaby Creek.

One Hand Wheelie On The Old Blacktown Road Heading Toward Rickabys Creek. Where Is The Bridge!

Me Climbing A Tree At The Mini-Dust-Bowl  Just Off The Rifle Range Road  South Windsor  Bush 1983

LooneyLewis Just off Macquarie Road Wilberforce New South Wales 1984 on Murray's Honda 70 Trike

LooneyLewis Just off Macquarie Road Wilberforce Australia 1984 on Murray's Honda 70 Trike with Phil

Looney Lewis  At The Upper Colo River Bridge With  Glen & Robyn Craig & Sharon I Had A Head-Ache

Mono and Lewy at their Home Made Jump at  Lot 2 George Street South Windsor Ready for The Moon

Mono had a New XR 250R and Lewy had The Old XL 250s and Updated to The Moon Bike The XL 250R

Don't have a Photo of Our Honda C90 but was much the same as this X-Posty Bike


1: Honda CB 90 Road Bike c1972/73.
2: Red Honda C90 Step Through c1974. Ex-Postie Bike.
3: Red Honda CR 125 c1975.
4: Red Honda 250s Trail Bike c1979.
5: White Honda XL 250R Pro-Link 1982 Model.



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