eDinkum Australian Website An Aussie Name It is Fair Dinkum It's An Aussie Website Downunder in AU
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It is Fair Dinkum It is Downunder It is Australian AU
 eDinkum Australia The Australian Super Nova Website In Australia Downunder

 eDinkum The New Star Downunder
When do we see eDinkum  Where is eDinkum What is eDinkum
  Who is eDinkum Why eDinkum Who Knows  ? ? ?  
All these questions & more will be answered in the near future
Move over and hang in there a new star is born
  If somebody tells you there is no other form
      of life on the Internet,      don't believe it.     
Being eDinkum Is A New Form of Internet Life.

Professer eDinkum  Who Teaches and Taught Everyone

C l i c k  Here  To Listen To The  Professer  eDinkum
LQQK   eDinkum     AU    Australia   LQQK


Some Recent Snippets of Data  Revealed  The  Super
Nova Professer eDinkum  has Developed The Master
Search Engine that will be the World's Greatest.  Our
Data Source Revealed the Search  Engine  is Bigger
than Bing Google Yahoo Dogpile Altavista  &  all the
Engines put together as one. 
Its believed Professer
eDinkum has completed work with powerful Sydney
NSW Australian sources to complete the Project by
12th October 2030. With The Aid Of A Silent Fellow
Physicist  &  Professer:   EDINKUM  Powerful  New
Formulas Have Been Developed  For  Data Storage
Retrieval  &  Transmitting. You  Will  Be  Surprized.

Professer eDinkum The Mad Scientist Some Say

Another Leaked Document Reveals eDinkum has Now
Started Internet Trading with European and Asian Cyber
Community's Laying Foundations for a large Corporation
That'll be under the eDinkum Banner BEWARE WALMART


8/4/2008: A FURTHER SNIPPET OF DATA has Revealed that
Professer eDinkum dealt with
International fiber optics firms
to deliver unfathomable internet speed to the citizens of this
great nation Australia OZ then The World. This national class
Action Of Small Business Is Believed To Commence in 2030
with the national opening of eDinkum Pty Ltd and driving
Many Multinational Leeches Offshore and back to Their
Homelands To Do Trade.    No More Daylight Robbery.
Here In Australia eDinkum's Home Land The Aussie
Land Of Many Fair Dinkum Aussie People That Are
Working Together To Save Australian Business.

By The year 2030 The Powerful Super Nova
Professer eDinkum has stated: "The eDinkum
Website will Change the Course of Internet Life
For All", Rattle Governments And Big Business to
further increase high speed to super fast Internet web
Connections.  Shake The Liberal AUS Government Up.
Mankind will not suffer Eppression thanks to eDinkum's
Fair Dinkum Aussie Website And Internet Services Sydney
NSW Australia The Land Downunder Professer eDinkum Will
Supply every Australian Citizen with a free High Speed Wireless
Laptop/Phone By The Year 2055 When & If All Goes To The Plan.

2010 Some Way Some Where Some Day Soon Professer eDinkum Will Meet Mankind, By 2030. Do Not Think The Professer Is Sleeping, He Is Wide Awake Preparing an Internet Freedom for All. Professer eDinkum Has contracted LewyLewis, TravyTrue and JazyJazper to start work on
a New Aussie Entertainment WEBSITE. YES Free Games, Free Games. Powerful Super Nova eDinkum Downunder In Australia Melbourne The New Modern Day Super Nova eDinkum Website Australia It's Here With Mankind Forever More. Be Sure eDinkum Can Do It Again and Again.....

Professer eDinkum Has Something New For Mankind In 2050
Stay Tuned
  to eDinkum       -      YES ! ! ! https://edinkum.com 

The Aussie New Super Nova eDinkum
eDinkum Is The Place To Be
A Fair Dinkum Internet Is The Life For Me
To Be Continued

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